"To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone."

~Reba McEntire

Friday, August 20, 2010


"I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it."
  - Mae West

The dreaded glorious Friday doughnut...sigh...

Here we go again, its Friday, and I've worked so hard all we long to stick to my diet, work out, get the pounds to start coming off...and there they are just staring at me.....DOUGHNUTS!!!


So this is what my plan is:  I'll avoid them completely, eat only the healthy food I've brought for myself and it won't be a problem at all...easy breezy right?


This is what is really going to happen:  I'm gonna think about them alllll day long, maybe walk by and open the box to look (and smell..mmmmm) once or twice, go over it and over it in my head whether its worth it or not, look up the nutrition facts multiple times online, consider eating just a bite, or maybe a half, talk myself out of it (repeat that cycle over and over again about 3,000 times) until the afternoon hits and its do or die...I'll have avoided them all day now...and one of two things will happen:  I'll either take one (or two) really quick and shove it down my throat and enjoy my 30 seconds of blissful gluttony (then regret it immediately after for 3 days and kick myself for the heart burn and guilt it has caused) Or....I'll desperately drag myself away kicking a screaming without eating one and prevail!!  (Not likely)

Ugh...Fridays are the WORST!!!

So as I sit here...in agony...I think I really am going to prevail this week because the problem is, if I have a doughnut...its never just a doughnut.  It'll turn into a fattening sandwich for lunch, mexican food for dinner, skipping the Friday work out, a half assed healthy day Saturday and full blown off the wagon Sunday.  Then I will feel alllll guilty and depressed and have to start all over again on Monday.  And you know what happens a few days after Monday?  Yep you guessed it...EFFING FRIDAY!!!  (No wonder I never lose any weight).

And now I have realized...I just really can't touch the doughnuts...you know why?  I've just figured it out...I can NEVER have another doughnut again in fact,  if I want to EVER have a chance at dropping the lb's!  Because, not only is the doughnut my Nemesis...but it is my GATEWAY DRUG!! It only leads to all kinds of other bad bad bad things!!

I must quit!! Cold turkey!! How does one live in a life without doughnuts?!

So five minutes has passed...and I have come to the conclusion that Life Happens to SUCK without doughnuts!!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Two Great Loves

"A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you" - Unknown

Today is a tribute to the two great loves in my life (not including my H cause he is a given) :

 Auto my puppy and Chinese Chicken Salads.  Ahhh Bliss....

Today I woke up as usual on a Thursday morning.  The alarm went off at 6:15...hit the Snooze...then it went off again at 6:20...hit the Off (thinking it was the snooze.)  Ahhh back to sleep.  Then I woke suddenly looking around thinking....hmmm it seems offly light for so early in the morning...CRAP its not early...its 6:55..and I have to leave at 7:15 for work!!

Now don't get me wrong, I am a pretty low maintenance girl so this is doable  most days.  But aww man I did not prepare for my day the night before as usual!!  I have to fit in a shower, makeup, throw a cute outfit together, grab some breakfast, pack a lunch, and let my pup Auto out (who is not a morning puppy, and moves even slower than I do in the morning, we're such soul mates teehee!).

So now I'm just in a bad mood, feeling so ugly as I never seem to have enough time to make myself look presentable, tired as all get out, mad at myself for being late AGAIN, and super frustrated that it isn't Saturday yet.  So I'm sloppily put together, grabbing my purse, throwing some earrings on and I go to Auto's little house that he sleeps in, already frustrated at how long I know its gonna take him to get out and go potty and what do I find when I unzip the door...

Now I don't know about you...but this was all I needed to wash all my irritations, frustrations, and everything elses away.  How can you not smile at this? I instantly forgot everything that was bothering me and laughed out loud, waking my H!! We truly could learn a thing or two from our dogs cause nobody knows how to enjoy life more than my pup Auto.  

So here is to one of my two great loves in this world, Auto. It truly does not matter what else is going wrong around me...he never ceases to put a smile on my face. :)

Now for my second great love...probably could of guessed it would be a food right?

The oh so sacred Chinese Chicken Salad...

Now unless you have never ever eaten a meal with me before (which is very unlikely if you know me at all, cause God knows this girl loves to eat) than you probably already know of my love for chinese chicken salads.  But for those of you who don't know...let me just explain that I am a bit of a connoisseur of them.  I have had them anywhere and everywhere and could tell you everything about what makes up each of one that ever existed. 

In fact, if there were a contest for being able to identify chinese chicken salads from around the globe and/or eating the most chinese chicken salad in one sitting....I would be Champion of the World. 

That being said, I will continue with my day:  So work was a typical long day, had to spend my lunch at the bank changing accounts and credit cards, unenthusiastically ate all my healthy packed food throughout the day (still on that diet of course),  sat in a butt load of traffic on the way home, came home to a dirty house, then forced my butt to get on the treadmill for 40 minutes. Ugh...exhausted.

So once i finished working on my fitness, I came down to the kitchen to try out my new recipe for a Chinese Chicken Salad.... Now I knew this was going to go one of two ways...Disaster or Bliss.

And low and behold, I put all of the ingredients together (along with the chicken my H BBQ'd for me earlier, as I still have a fear of cooking chicken, plus he makes the BEST chicken in the world) and guess what happened...Bliss!!!! 

(Here is a pic, minus the chicken...mmmm) 

And I just have to admit, for a healthy version of this salad, which normally includes won tons and fatty dressing, it was DELICIOUS!! I was so proud of myself and I sat there enjoying every bite in utter happiness thoroughly enjoying my life for the moment.

So that's all it takes for me folks....my puppy Auto and a great chinese chicken salad.  Ahhh Bliss...

So don't be afraid to admit your love for great things in your life (even if it is a salad). And don't forget to enjoy these simple pleasures...cause that is what makes the world go round and how a blissful
Life Happens.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Engagement Party!!

"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." - Emily Bronte

This weekend we had my cousin Christopher and friend Laura's engagement party at my sister's house.  She and her mom threw the most beautiful party I have ever seen!! They always throw incredible parties but I think this might have been their best yet.  So here are a few great shots of the amazing details and some fun party shots too. I'm so excited for two of my favorite peeps in the world to get married!! Love you guys!!
Nearly everything at this party was hand made with love by my sister and her mom and a few helpers. :)
Yes these are real cookies...not only did they look gorgeous but they were delicious too!
All homemade appetizers and dinner...so delicious and beautifully displayed.
Real plates and cloth napkins for each and every of the 100 guests there.
Guest book and hand made name tags so the 2 families and friends could get to know each other.
The very happy couple as they walked in and saw their gorgeous party for the first time!! 
My beautiful sister Marlaina and husband Pat, who created this INCREDIBLE party!!  Congrats Daling!! Its your best one yet I think!!
My sister Melissa and I flashing our offical name tags.
 Prom pic of me and my H :)
The official toast!!
The Bride & The Bridesmaids!!
(And yes my eyes are shut but its the only pic I had...blame it on the champagne.)
The Groom, Groomsmen & Ring Bearer!!
Me and my beautiful God Daughter Presley (also the Flower girl).
A little late night jam session...until the cops came (as usual).
Caught in the act having a 1:00 am cheesecake bite...so much for the diet.

It was an awesome celebration in honor of two incredible people that are perfect for each other.  Cheers to my cousin and my monkey!!  Hold on tight guys, cause this is just the beginning to the crazy way your amazing Life Happens.