"To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone."

~Reba McEntire

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Diet Coke Snob

"The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits."
 - Unknown

So...I guess I would have to consider myself a bit of a snob when it comes to anything I eat or drink.  And its definitely not because I am super anal and picky (pick up on that sarcasm?) its just that I am generally very health conscious and spend most of my meals eating cardboard and water.  So when I do decide to jump off that wagon and enjoy some not-so-healthy food and beverage, I want it to be well worth it and taste just how I like it!  If I'm gonna do it, then I'm gonna do it right!  (And yes I am aware of my horrible dieting skills, moderation is not a word I comprehend). 

Now that you understand where I am coming from I'll explain my stupidity that arose a few nights ago...

So its Sunday night and I have some oh-so-delicious and unhealthy chinese food to eat that my wonderful H ordered.  So of course I have to wash it down with a freezing cold crispy diet coke...right?  And I LOVE my diet cokes, but I only drink a few a week and I like them to be a particular way (surprise surprise).  They have to be icy cold and either out of a can or a fountain drink.  I happen to have some cans on hand but they aren't in the refrigerator.  Crap... I'm hungry and I just refuse to eat this chinese food without my freezing cold favorite diet bev!

Now what?

Ahhh...genius...I'll put it in the freezer!! So I ask my H how long he thinks it will take for my can to get cold without freezing?  He says maybe 20 minutes.  Sweet! I can wait that long to eat for sure.  So I put my can right on the ice in the ice tray.  Mmmm....its gonna be icy cold in no time!

Now your probably thinking....oh no she forgot about it and left in there.  Nope....of course I remembered...I was hungry! So I get it out about 20 minutes later, pop that top and OH BABY its icy cold and perfect!! I dish up some orange chicken, fried rice, and an egg roll and go to town on my meal!! Delicious!! 

But about half way through my meal...I think oh crap I might want a second diet coke, so no problem...I'll just pop another one in the freezer.....bad move.  So I finish my plate...and go on with my lazy Sunday night enjoying my full belly. :)  Ahhh bliss...

Then about 4 hours later around 10:30 pm as I'm vegging on the couch enjoying my recorded shows and thinking about heading up and hit the sac....yep, you guessed it...


Notice the brown slush splattered all over and the whole top of the can missing.

So the answer to the question I posed earlier is....5 hours is too long to leave your diet coke in the freezer.  Idiot!! 

After I get up from hitting the deck (because I was sure a shot gun had just gone off) I realize it was that damn second can of diet coke!! Noooooo!!! So I creep over to the freezer and open the door to find a war zone of diet coke slushy on and in EVERYTHING!!!


So the moral of the story is...Life Happens...in the effing freezer if you leave your diet coke in there for 5 hours!!!!